Revolutionizing Catalytic Materials Engineering!

In order to conform with environmental air quality regulations, automotive OEMs consume approximately 11M ounces of precious metal per year on a global basis - at a cost of over $11B.  SDCmaterials’ novel nano-particle synthesis system, advanced integration technologies, and catalyst architecture know-how have enabled the company to create higher performance catalyst ingredients specifically designed for automotive applications.

The performance of existing catalyst technology degrades over time as precious metal particles agglomerate and surface area diminishes.   SDC’s proprietary technology can both increase surface area of a given quantity of precious metal and reduce its agglomeration over time. 

For emissions applications targeting precious metal savings, SDCmaterials’ first generation catalyst ingredients are typically demonstrating 40% to 60% metal reduction compared to existing industry catalysts - while maintaining catalytic performance.   Early results on the company’s second-generation catalyst ingredients are showing substantial opportunity to push precious metal reductions even further.  

SDCmaterials’ advanced catalyst ingredients offer tremendous benefits to the catalyst manufacturer, the automotive OEM, and society.  These benefits include:

  1. Dramatic Improvements in Precious Metal Efficiency and Effectiveness – SDC catalyst ingredients enable equivalent catalytic performance with 40% to 60% less precious metal, or increased catalytic performance without requiring more precious metal.  These precious metal savings result in significant economic benefit for our direct and indirect customers.


  2. Improvements in Global Air Quality – SDC catalyst ingredients enable more pollution reductions at the leading edge of emissions control than would otherwise be possible.  They may also enable developing countries to deploy more effective catalysts per value invested per vehicle.
  3. Further Advancements in Automotive Fuel Economy – Engine designs for fuel economy can result in reduced exhaust temperatures. Catalysts using SDC ingredients perform better at low temperatures compared to conventional catalysts. This may enable deployment of more advanced fuel efficiency technologies.
  4. Enhanced Precious Metal Resource and Environmental Stewardship - Through more efficient utilization of precious metals to treat vehicle emissions, SDCmaterials may, over time, help keep precious metal supply and demand in better balance as automotive unit growth and environmental requirements rise.   This, in turn, may over time lessen the environmental impacts caused by precious metal mining.  For example, according to Peoples Health Movement – South Africa, each ounce of platinum requires approximately 18 tons of ore extraction, and each kilogram requires 200GJ power consumption and 400M3 of water.  This is in addition to SO2 and other air pollutants emitted during platinum mining and refining operations.